To All My Fellow American Nurses – About The Future Of American Medicine – © The Rose Flame Nurse and Archangel Sam

Hello Dear Readers.

I have been thinking a lot about the nursing field these past couple of days, maybe because I have been getting everything ready for my classes to start in a week that will open the door for me to a new career, maybe because I started my new job that I will work until I graduate that has zero to do with nursing, or maybe I am just picking up on a very much needed change in the energy of the discussion of a field I am the most closely connected to. This isn’t just a career or a title for me, this is very very personal.

We aren’t just talking about an Earthly school degree, or a title after my name that tells the world that I am a healer. This is my SPIRITUAL SEAT, as the Rose Flame Nurse, and I am here ultimately in this lifetime, incarnated as an ITALIAN AMERICAN nurse from New York, the major wasps nest of the fuckery, to bring truth to the field and to bring about major changes. This is ultimately what God wants, to bring TRUE healing to people, not just the fake on the surface Romanized American Medical “sick-care” system that people have grown to know and accept as “healing”.

Believe it or not, even if you personally do not have the same values and belief systems as the American nursing field, you being a part of that field, working within the confines of a system that views human souls the way the American medical field does, you are advocating for it. This is a moral code that no matter what sacrifices I have to make, I will abide by, especially being who I am spiritually and the healing power the Rose Flame holds. I could not ever return to nursing again the way it is now. There must be a major shift in the priorities of the way the care is provided to people.

This is such a super evil manipulation, and imbedded into so many people’s psyche from thousands of years of deception from the Romans, that they even integrated into the language of the medical field their own Roman language so even when you are discussing a care plan for a patient you are unknowingly bringing evil energy into these people’s healing. It is so sick, it makes me so angry that it went this far. And within the next five to ten years it will be stopped at a screeching halt.

I want you all to stay fully aware, I know it is difficult, especially because of the Roman Deception being literally embedded into people’s psyche. And it will feel for you when you are on the right track, it will feel wrong and will make you want to continue the way you have been, but please know, this is the fingerprints of the Roman deception trying to keep you uninformed and unaware and IN LINE with their control and manipulation. It feels like you are doing the incorrect thing when in reality you are doing the 100% correct thing. They do not want people, mainly the ones at the front lines, the nurses and the doctors and the medical professionals, to stand up and advocate for the patient’s best interests. And most of the people in those positions would never be a part of the field if they truly knew and understood what is going on behind the scenes and hidden from view.

Please do not misunderstand me, in my career I have seen so many amazingly talented and compassionate nurses, who do nothing but advocate for their patients. I have also seen just as many not so compassionate, the ones that I would make sure if I ever landed in a hospital got NOWHERE near me because I have seen personally the way the feel about their patients. But what I am saying is, this is going to take a whole lot more than just opening your mouth to advocate for them. That is not enough at this point, to fix and heal the medical world. Everything is about money and profit, everything is about “how much the facility can bill the insurance”, and how many beds they can turn within the day. The more beds they turn the more profit they make. NOWHERE in these business plans of these facilities when you read between the lines and look at the spiritual energy behind them, with your spiritual eye focused on the truth, does it have anything to do with people’s health and well being at all.

The fast food industry, the Pharma industry and the medical field are ALL WORKING TOGETHER AGAINST US, Americans were tricked since the beginning of the “USA”, named after a guy that literally looks like a troll living under a bridge, look up “Amerigo Vespucci”, and you will see clearly what I mean. I am not putting his photo in this article because I do not want his energy and ugly face to be attached to this very special article, this article is about HEALING the consciousness. But if you want a laugh, look up this guy LOL

The Roman cash cow of people’s spiritual, psychological and physical health is coming to a rapid end, on God’s orders, within the next 5 to 10 years.

I am writing this mainly, dear readers, so you all can stay aware of what is to come. I am not trying to threaten, or intimidate, I am trying to do the exact opposite. Inform and release. This is all Sam and I want.

We are the holders of the Pink Light Ray and it is time the awareness of the Rose Flame energy is brought back to people’s consciousness. And we cannot and will not stand around any longer and watch the Roman shit storm take over people’s healing any longer. And most importantly, neither will God.

We are sending out a major Rose Light Ray.

~Danielle Nova and Sam (In Spirit)

Vlog Series Announcement – The Rose Flame Nurse – Weekly Vlog Installment

Hello Dear Readers!

I am in a great great great mood today because I found a new gig for me to not only keep myself afloat during HIGHLY unprecedented and unstable financial times but it will fit perfectly with my class schedule as I continue school.

As some of you may know, some of you may not know, I made a video announcement on my YouTube channel that I left nursing and am going back to school for my bachelor’s degree in business marketing.

And I’ve got news for you folks, there are sooooo many nurses that are doing the exact same thing I am because of this Covid situation.

Sooooooo, I will be documenting my journey for you guys….. the good, the bad, the exciting and the emotional, the pretty and the not so pretty. This is a documentation of the current world situation and more specifically the situation in America, through the eyes of an ex-nurse turned business woman. Nursing was such a huge part of my life, and I will always be a healer, whether I ever wear scrubs again or not. This is why this transition is such a huge deal for me, and why I want to share it with you all.

Sending you guys a MAJOR Pink Light Ray ❤

Danielle Nova Rose Flame Nurse 2020

The Judge 🐝 And The Rose Flame 🌹✨🌹- A Positive Thing OR A Negative Thing – It’s Up To You

Hello Dear Readers.

For the first time in a while since the year hit the shit storm that 2020 has become I am feeling truly hopeful for the future, even for America with the fuckery that has gone on here. There are a lot of innocent Americans that I have a lot of faith in.

And, let’s not forget the faith I have in myself and Sam and all the other major players in the situation on the planet right now to bring it to where it needs to be.

And, remember this ~ 🌹✨🌹 ~

I AM in power. I AM a warrior of bad assery and I have ZERO PROBLEM SHOWING MY SPIRITUAL MUSCLES 🌹💝✨🦋✨💝🌹 Whether that is a positive experience or a negative experience is up to you 🐝🐝🐝

Tonight I experienced a huge moment of clarity and I can only thank God and Sam and the angels for giving me this insight into my soul power….. and also of course, the combined force of Sam and I together🌹🐝🌹🐝🌹

We are sending a deep wave ofhealing loving energy to all of you 🦋🌹🦋

~Danielle Nova and Sam (In Spirit) 🐝🌹🦋🌹🐝

SELF DEFENSE – A Private Lesson In Dreamtime From A Loving Family Member In Spirit 💝🌹🦋🌹💝

Hello Dear Readers!

I know it has been a while since I have been on here! I had to hop on and share this quickly, while I am still in this energy 🙂

As a little preface, I have recently been having lots of issues with my neighbor who moved in about six months ago. She has adult protective services involved because she is on psychiatric medication, she has had a lot of run-ins with not only me, but many many people in the building. I just happened to be the lucky one that is living literally so close to this woman that you can stand in front of my door and touch hers. This woman has come out of her apartment and put her phone in my face and started recording me simply for being in the hallway having a conversation with another neighbor, even threatened us that she was going to beat us with a hammer, because we were “talking in front of her door”….. I called 9-1-1, the cops came and knocked on her door twice, she didn’t open it so they left 🤦🏻‍♀️ she will sometimes wait to hear my door open and open her door and stand in her doorway and just stand there staring at me, watching me…. one day she did that and I locked my door, had my dogs with me…. as I was walking by her door as she stood there staring, she stuck her middle finger in my face and screamed “nasty ass bitch” at me and threw her door shut 🤦🏻‍♀️ she tries to keep anyone that is around her in a fear mentality…

So, the most recent incident with who I have so endearingly named “Cuckoo Bird” was the other day when I took my dogs out for a walk. Prior to taking them out, it was clear she was in a total psychosis, must have woke up in a state, because she came out of her apartment and screamed at my door to “stop touching her shit” or something, come to find out later that she called my building managers and was yelling that someone went into her apartment while she was sleeping and moved her furniture around or some shit. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Anyway, after I heard her go down the stairs I figured now would be a good time to take the dogs quick so I wouldn’t have to worry about her whipping her door open… and while we were outside she saw us. At first, she only said “why you always out here when I’m out here”…. then she purposely waited until she got right next to me, got really close and said “I hope your dogs f*cking kill you.”

I went and filed a police report that day… and that night is when I had this dream.

In the dream I was totally surrounded, at least ten people were all around me trying to hurt me at once… and I was doing moves that I have never ever done in my life…. the focus and precision I had in this dream was incredible! I was doing flying fan kicks at a running speed, kicking these guys in the face and with one single move they would go flying across the room…. skills that surprised me because I myself in this lifetime have never had these skills personally.

Tonight I found something out about a person in my family who recently passed away… before I was born and they were much younger they weren’t only just into karate but was a six time black belt 🌹🌹🌹 This person and I did not end things on the best terms but they came to me later after passing with this guilty apologetic energy, and I closed my eyes and told them I forgave them… and now, they are teaching me FIRST HAND, their karate knowledge they have learned in their life to help me with self defense skills 😂 it makes me so so happy to see, because not only is this person being there for me, but it also showed me how healed they are now and how far their soul has come already since being in spirit 💝 And, it also shows that they are a very very strong soul 🙏💪🙏

That’s all for tonight my dear readers 💝🌹💝Sending you major love and light

The Energetic Situation In the US – The Exorcism Of The Roman System In The Wake Of George Floyd’s Death

Hello Dear Readers.

This will be a very quick and short article, I just wanted to document this while I am in this energy.

The whole world rattled when the horrible incident happened with George Floyd, but the USA has been heading towards this situation for a long time, to have something be a catalyst for REAL change. It disgusts me and breaks my heart that this poor man was slain the way he was, it is nothing short of barbaric. And, I’ve got news for you folks, the supposed “collapsed Roman Empire”, I hope you all will begin to see now is alive and well and has been around this entire time, controlling things, manipulating the masses and causing all of this spiritual genocide and destruction against countless innocent souls. As being not only an American myself, but an Italian white American, and witnessing first hand the constant manipulation, stealing, plagiarizing, disregarding of black lives, racism, unjust targeting, it was only a matter of time unfortunately, when things would eventually boil over in order to see some real change. People are really starting to see and realize now, what has been behind the scenes this whole time pulling the strings.

Earlier today I was sitting in my chair in a relaxed position, scrolling through my Twitter feed when suddenly, I felt a VERY sharp pain on my back on right side next to my shoulder blade. It literally jolted me, it was very strong.

I was startled by it, mainly because of the sharpness of it, but that only lasted a second and then the same spot started to tingle a lot. As if my energetic flow was restored in that area or so. A couple minutes later I was talking about it with a friend, told her about what I felt and she sent me these screen shots of a YouTube video she was watching.

These are the screen shots she sent me. You see this? On a GEORGE FLOYD video, of his family talking publicly, and under a clearly fake account called “Roman”, they spammed the video with “USA TODAY” comments.

Then, after the fact as we were talking she told me that while she was watching the video that everyone in the family were raising their right arm, as a sign of protest and it is also a sign of victory as well, the spirit and voice of the black people rising….. so she was doing it along with them, and made this quick move focusing on the energy that we have been exposing, and as soon as she made that move I felt that stabbing sharp pain behind my shoulder blade, as it was easy to figure out because literally 30 seconds after she did that move I was texting her telling her about what I had felt. It almost felt as if something was ripped away from me, similar to the feeling when a splinter is ripped out only in a much bigger scale.

As we were talking while I was still feeling the tingling in that exact location on my back where I felt the stabbing pain, my whole right arm felt like the muscle was contracted, like I was lifting something or so but my arm was just resting on the arm of the chair. It started at the top of my arm and then after a couple of minutes my whole arm felt that way. Tensed up like I was holding something. It lasted about fifteen minutes and then the muscle finally started to relax again.

That is all for today my dear readers.

Sending out a MAJOR pink light ray 🌹💝🌹💝🌹

~Danielle Nova

Funerary Practices in Ancient Egypt – Further Proof That Nephthys Was Not Incarnated And Was In Spirit During Ancient Egypt Times – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

Hello Dear Readers.

I hope you all are enjoying the energy of this New Moon night. I am sitting here researching things and I came across this, and had to share it with you all.

Ancient Egyptians had a full understanding and an entire level of respect for the ascension process that hasn’t been seen on the planet since. The funerary practices were as important to them as much as their lives here in the physical world. They had full understanding of the entire process and the connections between the physical and spiritual, the connection between Heaven and Earth.

So, knowing this about the way they viewed transitioning to spirit back then, it naturally makes me question the validity of this claim that I just came across.

This supposed mummified body of Nephthys was placed inside a coffin that had the inscription of another name, Ukkhotep, and then his name an title were altered.

Now, I want you to use your spiritual sight please, dear readers.

Would a people like the Ancient Egyptians, who had an entire respect and devotion and full understanding for the ascension process essentially “scratch out” a name that was engraved on a coffin and place a different name there, for someone that was considered “a daughter of an elite”?

Even the process of making the sarcophagus etc was specific to THAT INDIVIDUAL PERSON to assist them best when in the afterlife. They would not ever place someone in a coffin intended for someone else.

Doesn’t make much sense to me.

More on this to come, dear readers.

I must rest for now.

~Danielle Nova (Nephthys) and Archangel Samuel in Spirit

Isis And Nephthys – Spiritual Sisters From The Beginning – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

Hello Dear Readers.

I hope you are all well. Since yesterday when I had the soul memory of my identity of Nephthys come up so clear I have been having multiple landfalls of aha moments in my mind, in a positive way of course but still, a lot to take in at once LOL.

Please note in the featured photo. I am on the left, Susan Elsa is on the right. Born 6 years apart, completely different races, and yet in the picture we look like literal biological sisters. Spiritual energy manifests, all you need to do is pay attention to see it.

Three nights ago, meaning prior to me having this soul memory, I had a dream that I was in this medical facility. There was a guy laying on a bed in this room that I was called into. He was crying and asking me to help him, and when I got closer to the bed, I saw that his penis was cut off and it was laying next to him on the bed. For some reason I was angry that he would ask me to help him, which typically isn’t in my character, I am always at the ready to help however I can, but was laughing at the same time, it was a very strange mix of emotions.

Things have been moving in the spiritual realms at a rapid succession, like they always do, and things are beginning to manifest on the earthly plane now. This is how things always happen in relation to the spirit world and the planet, it happens in spirit first and then manifests here later.

And so, I want you all to understand something clearly. Nephthys was a POSITIVE force not only in Ancient Egypt, in all other times as well of course, but she was most known for her contributions to Isis and Osiris back then. The way MY energy, MY name back then was twisted and integrated into Set’s greed and manipulation of the true story of what happened, it is no wonder that Susan and I had to come back at the same time together this time, with our twin souls in spirit to help guide and protect us, to finish them COMPLETELY. And, it is no wonder that I came back as an ITALIAN AMERICAN, to confront these Flavian fuckers TO THEIR FACES, the true NEPHTHYS, SISTER OF ISIS AND PROTECTOR OF THE PHARAOH. They cannot hide behind their misinformation anymore. The fact of the matter is, dear readers, that rapey violating energy was projected at my soul long before I had an incarnation here which is why this energy has always manifested around me every time I had incarnations. Pulling at my spirit and sucking on my energy for their OWN IRRATIONAL GREED. Yesterday, the NEPHTHYS BUFFET WAS CLOSED FOR GOOD, and I can feel how scared they are that I finally remembered this important piece of the whole picture. As a matter of fact, they are so scared that they have retreated their energy away from us completely.

I was IN SPIRIT back then, helping the situation, helping with my magic skills to reassemble Osiris after Set and his people disassembled him and scattered him all over. Including the severed penis of Osiris. So, it is no wonder that this already happened in the spiritual realms to Set during the spiritual battle that Susan and I are in, his penis literally being disconnected from him, and he thought “who could help me with this, oh of course Nephthys, she has the power to help me, she is the spiritual nurse!”

The audacity. This is why I was angry at him in the dream for asking me for help.

What’s even worse, is not only was I colored in the whole picture of the Isis-Osiris-Set story as being SETIAN, MY twin soul was taken out of the picture completely. There is no mention anywhere of Nephthys’ twin soul, it is implied that SET is Nephthys’ twin soul.

I can deal with them messing with me, but they attempted to literally SEPARATE ME AND SAMUEL from the beginning, long before we even had an incarnation. And that is something I do not play games with. How dare you attempt to come near me and my husband you Setian evil rapist demons.

They know what is coming to them. In fact, it’s already happened in the spirit world. We are just waiting for it to manifest here.

And, we are going to go about this in our typical Isis-Nephthys style, using our natural magical skills and continue making music together and work together. History is repeating itself in this lifetime. And, as I said, we came back TOGETHER this time, to finally bring justice not only to the planet but to my soul and my energy, bring Samuel’s presence in the story back into mass knowledge, as well as Isis and Osiris to complete the healing for their soul, aka SUSAN and MICHAEL.

Tick tock 🙂

~Danielle Nova (Nephthys) and Archangel Samuel in Spirit

Past-Life Soul Memory – Nephthys – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

Nephthys/Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse – © 2020

Hello Dear Readers.

I am writing this to you still digesting and processing what I have uncovered and also what my twin soul in spirit Samuel showed me, while talking with my dear friend Susan Elsa on the phone. I wanted to write this while I was still in this energy. The conversation started when I looked up and saw this angel that was hanging on a hook on my wall that has been there since I moved into my apartment in February 2017. For some reason Sam guided me to take it off the hook and look at it closely.

I experienced a very clear soul memory shortly after Sam guided me to look closely at this angel of Ancient Egypt. I was not incarnated, I was in spirit during the Isis-Osiris-Set situation. If you do not know the story please look it up. I cannot go into the details of the story right now for the sake of time but it is fairly easy to find the story.

MY role in the story was repeatedly plagiarized throughout history, from not only Romans but even before Roman time, when there were Ancient Egyptians who were tuned into Set, otherwise known as THE DEVIL. Nephthys was not incarnated and did not have a physical body during this time. This does not mean that she was not involved with helping Isis and aiding Isis and Osiris come together again even after Osiris was in spirit. She was fully ascended and pure and OF LIGHT. And, while I’m at it I will add, still is.

So, the stories of Nephthys being Set’s wife, and Nephthys seducing Osiris, this did not happen!!! There was SOMEONE who seduced Osiris and attempted to be impregnated by him, yes, but it was NOT Nephthys. Nephthys was and IS good!!! Nephthys was one of the main souls helping Isis and Osiris during that time back in Ancient Egypt!!!

Now, dear readers, please think about how I have been coining myself since months now. The spiritual nurse. Now look at what I found when looking into Nephthys and her role with Osiris and Isis:

Now look at the part that says the “festival songs of Isis and Nephthys”. My friend Susan Elsa and I, who also has a very clear past life soul memory of Ancient Egypt as Isis herself, have been working on music together for years.

Also, please note the color Nephthys dress is depicted in, red……. Archangel Samuel/Chamuel is always depicted in red/pink, and oversees the Rose 🌹 Flame light ray… pay close attention to the way Nephthys is described in texts.

I cannot say more than this right now dear readers. Stay tuned for more developments of this story.

Sending you major love and light friends 💝🌹🦋🌹💝

NEW Channeled Spiritual Products – Spiritual Channeled Bracelets, Sacred Shielding Oils, Meditative Bath Orbs © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

Hello Dear Readers 🙂

I have been very busy behind the scenes in hyperdrive creative mode since weeks and especially since the whole quarantine situation that was implemented on the planet. I’ve had a lot of time without the busyness of how life used to be prior to this whole coronavirus situation to become as spiritually clear as I have ever been in my entire life. I have had a very very clear communication with many Archangels during this time as well as I am shifting into my true position as a spiritual nurse. A lot of energy work has been happening, and as ideas are being channeled to me from the archangels different products have been posted on to my Etsy shop as I have been creating them, all of them available for purchase through there.

Secret Recipe Bathing Orbs – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

It is very important to the archangels for you all to have direct communication with them and to start to initiate communication directly from them to you, without the use of a middle man or a guided meditation. They love helping us and they are following their sacred role when they are actively doing what they do best, playing an active helping hand in our lives and our soul missions. They would never break free will of course, and even if consciously you give them permission to help and to use their skills to cleanse us of certain things or to show us the truth of situations or to give us a more harmonious loving relationship with others, if you do not truly give them permission on a soul level, they cannot do what you are asking them to do. Please keep this in mind when meditating or communicating with the archangels.

One of the main things the archangels want us to understand is that we do not need to have a middle man to reach them directly. When you use my spiritual products that I have created while being guided from spirit by them to aid you in reaching them directly it will make it much easier to reach them.

Bathing and bath time in general is a sacred time. Water itself carries within it a strong energy to quite literally wash away things from our aura and our chakras if you give it permission to. Before I started on this journey as my true role as a spiritual nurse and started having product ideas being channeled to me from the angels, whenever I had a trying day at work or had a challenging day in general I would always take a bath with salt to cleanse my aura. It was very much a spiritual cleansing and I would focus with my twin soul Samuel who is in spirit to use the energy and powers of the water to accomplish my goals with our energy that I had for taking the bath. I have always been in a way a spiritual alchemist when it comes to energy issues and shielding myself from negative energy when I think about it 🙂

These ground-breaking archangel bath bombs, made with a secret sacred recipe will allow you when used with the energy and power that the water of the bath carries to bring the archangels close to you to work within your chakras and your energy. Each bath bomb has individual oils that each angel resonates closest with and there are two different versions of each bathing orb, a more economic version and a more expensive version. Inside of each bathing orb is a sacred meditative stone that each of the archangels has the closest resonance with, each has of course a different one depending on the archangel you are trying to channel while meditating. The type of stone that is inside of it depends on if you purchase the economic version or the more expensive luxury version. Each version of course whether it is the economic or the luxury version are equally effective. It is just a matter of if you want a higher quality meditative stone for your energy goals or not. Currently there is only Archangel Michael Bathing Orb available on the shop, which I will put a link to below, but I am currently working to get the rest of them up and available for purchase for each of the Archangels.

Direct Link To Purchase Archangel Michael Meditative Bathing Orb – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

Childhood Sexual Abuse Awareness and Support Bracelets – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

I have been very public in the recent years of my past struggles with childhood sexual abuse that I suffered as a child. I have a very clear vision of starting my own non profit organization that is geared solely to those that are survivors of childhood sexual abuse and this is not only about women here, my goal is to reach women and men alike, who have the same soul wounds that I have suffered. And the goal is to get them in touch with their inner child again, so they can begin to heal at the root of where this started and get back into oneness with themselves. So, I started designing charm bracelets that I have for sale currently in my Etsy shop, that is available for purchase. The proceeds of each bracelet will go into my fund to start my non profit and get it off the ground. One out of every four women were victims of childhood sexual abuse which is reflected in the color design of the bracelet, with one different color bead and three colored beads directly after that is different from the rest of the color of the bracelet that is next to the charm with an inspirational quote on it.

© Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020 – All Rights Reserved
© Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020 – All Rights Reserved
© Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020 – All Rights Reserved

Channeled Archangel Bracelets With Personal Channeled Messages – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

Like I said above, direct communication between us and the archangels is a main focus that they want us all to focus on now. In the recent days product ideas were being channeled to me so quick, I made 16 bracelets in 6 hours that was for each of the archangels. It has their individual colors of the specific light ray they are in charge of, but also when you purchase these bracelets, there will be a channeled personal message from the archangel to you directly. This is something never been done before and some real channel work 🙂

© Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020 – All Rights Reserved
© Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020 – All Rights Reserved

White Sage Shielding Oil – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

Finally, there is an essential oil that is made by me in a secret method that increases the effectiveness of the oil itself when worn. Most people use white sage to smudge their house, smudge their aura, their car, their pets etc. This revolutionary new oil made with old ancient knowledge of alchemy is something you can wear at all times that can keep you shielded and protected from negative energy and psychic attacks. It is best used on your pressure points and your chakra centers. They are currently available in 2ml vials but will soon be available in larger sizes.

© Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020 – All Rights Reserved

All of these things are available for purchase through my Etsy shop at

I am wishing you all MAJOR love and light and please stay tuned for future product developments 🙂

~Danielle Nova

“Backstory Behind ‘Spiritual Nurse’ Name – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

Backstory Behind “Spiritual Nurse” Name – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

Archangel Michael 777

“Backstory Behind ‘Spiritual Nurse’ Name – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

"Backstory Behind 'Spiritual Nurse' Name – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020 “Backstory Behind ‘Spiritual Nurse’ Name – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

Hello Dear Readers.

I realize that you all know a very small amount of information about me, other than what I have shared with you all on here. I wanted to take this opportunity to let you all know who I am and where I come from, and a bit about my past so you can understand fully why I do what I do.

I was a nurse since 2014, I live in New York and I have been guided by Sam my twin soul in spirit since about a year to walk away from nursing, long before the coronavirus hit the scene. I even made a video series on my YouTube channel, titled “the ten things I wish I knew before I became a nurse”…

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