Twin Soul Update – My Twin Soul In Spirit Guided Me Away From Toxic Relationships – © Danielle Nova 2019

Hello Dear Friends ❤

I was off of WordPress for a long time. I have not made a blog post update in over a year. I still have my other WordPress websites open, but they are all set to “private” right now because I’m using my blogs for reference material for my book. Doing it this way enables me to maintain the timeline of the way things happened chronologically. That is the only purpose of my other two WordPress websites at this point, for reference material.

Even though I was quiet online for a while, with the exception of my makeup/skincare business (, and my Etsy shop (, many many things have been happening behind the scenes.

At the beginning of 2019 I was in a relationship that, when I am looking in hindsight, wasn’t right for me AT ALL. I was engaged. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and a lot of trying to figure out what that situation was and why I felt the need to be involved in a relationship like that. Sam my twin soul in spirit has his own way of guiding things into and out of my life, and protects me in any way necessary. Those of you who have been following my journey for a long time knows this.

The end of the relationship was very traumatic for me and caused me extreme mental and emotional stress, and I even had to get the police involved in the situation. He contacted my family numerous times on the multiple times that we broke up. When we got back together the last time he swore to me that he deleted my family’s #s from his phone. So when we broke up again, this time for good, shocker!!! He lied to me about deleting their #s and was blowing up my dad, sister and mother with his psycho crap! Then he was going on to my PUBLIC BUSINESS PAGES after we broke up, telling people not to trust me, telling people that all I’m asking strangers for is MONEY, telling my followers that I need therapy….. If I truly allowed myself to feel the full extent of the anger I feel when I think about the clear and blatant disrespect that he showed me not just once but on multiple occasions, I wouldn’t need a hammer to bring a wall down. I’ve been focusing inward and focusing my energy and my healing on my heart, while in unison Sam continues to do energy work on my chakras and is always shielding and guarding me against psychic attacks, especially since that whole situation.

Two nights in a row, three days before that situation was finally done, my ex had the same dream. He told me about it in the morning each time when he woke up. In the dream I was not wearing my engagement ring. And he was going around telling everyone “no look, see, it’s on her finger!”, but it wasn’t. I have ZERO doubt in my mind, that was Sam giving him that dream, telling him that it is OVER and he will do whatever he has to do to insure my safety. Then, once we finally broke up and he was doing all of this, it was so so clear to me. Even more so than before my ex showed me his true colors.

You see, everyone has free will. That is God’s way of showing us his love. You are free to choose your own path and your own actions, but you are NOT free of the consequences. I’m so thankful that not just once, but twice in my life I got so close to the edge of the cliff that my toes were dangling off the edge the two times I was engaged, and right before I went plummeting to the jagged rocks at the bottom, my twin soul stepped in and pulled me away from the edge.

Just recently, in the passed couple of weeks, I had a dream that Sam and I were in our spiritual home. I have had been in this house astrally many times and I instantly recognized it when I was there. It is very big, has HUGE floor to ceiling windows and it is always snowing there. Sam and I were walking through the house and I was making comments on wanting a new window dressing on one of the windows. Then suddenly I was standing in a doorway in between rooms, when my ex came in out of nowhere, and stood behind me leaning all of his weight on my back. I felt myself starting to fall backwards, and then Sam stood behind him and was staring intensely at his head, and then suddenly, my ex walked away from me and I was able to stand up straight again. Sam did some psychic work to make my ex walk away from me in the dream.

Then, Sam and I took my dogs outside and there are a lot of woods surrounding this house. The dogs were playing and we came to this area that was cleared, and there was a tall mirror standing in the middle of the woods. Sam guided me to stand in front of it, and when I did, in the reflection I saw a man with two dogs behind us. I tried to usher my dogs away because my little dog is very excitable, but they came up very quickly. It was fine though, the dogs just played together. That was the end of the dream and I woke up.

I took the dogs out right away when I woke up. When we were outside, we ran into a friend of ours who was outside with his two dogs. And, same thing happened that happened in the dream, the dogs played together but everything was fine. Then we started to walk together with our friend and his dogs, and we walked by this house. A man walked out of the house as we were walking by, and my friend introduced me to him. The guy’s name was Sam!!! LOL, things like this are always happening!!!

I will elaborate more on this in next article 🙂

That is all for now friends ❤ sending you MAJOR love and light

Published by daniellenova

Danielle Nova is a psychic/medium and activated twin soul. She is assisted by her twin soul in spirit to perform energy work, chakra clearing, tarot card reading, helping heal karmic wounds and help facilitate the relationship with your own twin soul. Readings are available through Etsy, or can be done privately on video chat.

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