The New Coronavirus Is The Slap In The Face Mankind Needed – WARNING: Graphic Images – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

Hello Dear Readers.

First of all, I would like to say that I will be much more present here on this blog, and I will be writing much more educational content for you all. I have a lot of experiences that could shed a lot of light for all of you, especially with the current situation we are faced with.

I have been feeling an influx of emotions in the recent days, and all psychic empaths out there can relate to what I have been going through. It is impossible if you are even the least bit tuned to not feel this way and not take this roller coaster ride with me. At times I have been feeling detached and feeling like I am totally on the outside looking in at the situation because it is sometimes hard to believe that the world is in the state it is in, other times I am feeling completely inundated with emotions, while being able to recognize when these emotions are my own and when they are not. I have been picking up on things from all different angles, all different perspectives. All the while having Sam, my twin soul in spirit guiding me to look up certain key terms or statistics to help me gain a better understanding on the specifics of this situation. When I look at the grand scheme of things though, there is nothing on the internet that can clarify this for me. Using my intuition in conjunction with Sam showing me his perspective from spirit, it is very simple and clear really, what is happening here spiritually.

Coronavirus 2020 – Karma’s Invisible Weapon – © Danielle Nova 2020

Please, let me first preface this by saying that no I do not mean that every person who contracts this virus deserves to contract it. There are innocent people everywhere even if they live in places that have thousands of years of built up bad karma. With that being said, all of the “bad karma hot spots” are being hit the hardest right now by this virus. Italy, Los Angeles, New York… these are all places with TONS of collective bad karma. Italy has been hit hard even before this coronavirus hit. First with the earthquakes, then with the flooding, now with this. In Italy’s case, there are thousands and thousands of years of built up karma, going all the way back to the Roman Empire. Then, when you combine that with the Vatican covering up all of the child molestation cases around the world, not addressing the priests who were preying on these poor kids but instead moving priests to different countries and different churches, those two things alone would cause a build up of karma. Los Angeles and New York… between the cause of the #metoo movement coming about a few years back because of all the rape in show business that had gone on for decades in both LA and NY, but also the mob being heavily involved in both of those places as well, those things alone would cause the coronavirus being heavy in those areas.

How Humanity Has Treated The Planet And Animals Like We Ourselves Are The Virus – © Danielle Nova

This coronavirus was the only way that the planet had a hope of reversing the damage that we have done to it. I have been getting insight from Sam through this whole situation, my twin soul who is in spirit and he has been giving me a clear overview. The sad truth is you guys, the planet, the atmosphere and the environment was getting so close to the point of no return that the virus had to spread through the planet at this fast rate because it was the only way to start to save this planet we call home. Think about it. 90% of the entire globe went into quarantine in the past two weeks. Think about how much less pollution is in the air now from cars not being driven, buses not being ridden, flights being decreased, trains/subways being decreased. All of this happened at the same time so it had optimal impact on the planet and optimal turn around chances of the damage that’s already been done…. and the Earth can finally breathe again! This is the first time in years that the planet has felt healthy. Think about the damage that has been done, even in the past decade…. a hole almost being blown into our ozone layer, layers of Antarctic ice melting at an alarming rate, and because of that the world’s sea levels have increased. Polar bears are starving because of the rapid increase of ice melting due to the increased planetary temperature. Sea life are being killed by plastic pollution. And all the while, humanity worships the money, not comprehending that all of the money on the planet will mean NOTHING if Mother Earth decides finally to cleanse us off of her completely. Please look at these images.


Upsetting, right? Triggering? Does it make you uncomfortable to look at? It should. THIS is a big part of why this coronavirus spread so fast, folks. We all needed to get off the streets, out of the cars pumping exhaust into the air, off the beaches dumping our plastic waste into the oceans. If we continued at the rate we were going, not only would the planet simply cleanse us off of it, we would kill most of the innocent wildlife within the next decade. There is so much that mankind still has yet to learn. Back in the old days, here in America prior to racist white diseased Europeans coming over here and giving the Native Americans all of those diseases, the Native Americans knew spiritually the truth of things. Everything has a soul, everything has a purpose. When they hunted, they would ONLY kill what they needed, and they would even do rituals afterwards to honor the soul of the animal and also assist the animal in transitioning to spirit, and they would thank the soul of the animal for blessing them, etc. When I look at the way things were done back then, and compare to the way things are done now, it is no wonder that it took something that had the magnitude of the coronavirus to wake us up.

We have lost our way, folks. It doesn’t mean that we are completely hopeless, it just means that we lost our way. It should give you hope though, knowing that God and the spirit world and the angels and the archangels have not given up on us. If they had, the coronavirus never would have happened…. they would’ve just let us keep going at the rate we were going until the world finally made the decision for us and forced us off the planet. But, you see what the alternative was.

Free Will – Evolve And Learn From This – It Is Not Too Late – © Danielle Nova 2020

I am not a religious person. I never have been. I do not need a middle man to facilitate my relationship with God. I’ve got direct communication and that is way more meaningful and powerful than what a middle man (who is probably a child molester priest anyway) can do for me.

The way that God shows us his love for us is to give us our free will. This entire life form is for evolvement, learning, growth and learning the consequences to your choices, your thoughts etc. If God were to take our free will away from us, we wouldn’t learn the consequences of our choices, even in this coronavirus situation. It is up to humanity, you see, what the fate of the planet will be. God, the angels, the archangels and the spirit world havent given up on us yet, but they will not make the decision for us either. We have free will and we have the power to choose which direction the rest of time will go. Are we going to learn and grow, change our ways NOW before it is too late, or are we going to be cleansed off the planet?

So, this coronavirus happened, without taking our free will away but still forcing this situation upon us to make us make a choice. Forcing us to stay inside and reflect internal, forcing us to get out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and really have nothing else to do but to reflect on things. And, the main reason why is to give the environment and the planet a much deserved break and a breather from our pollution Mother Earth has been choking on all these years.

I beg that you all use the time we have been given constructively and use this final chance we are being given to turn things around. It is shit or get off the pot time now, people. Either you move ahead with the planet towards healing, or you will not be permitted to move on to the way life will be after this coronavirus situation is resolved.

Sending you all major love and light and healing vibes.


~Danielle Nova (The Spiritual Nurse)

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Danielle Nova is a psychic/medium and activated twin soul. She is assisted by her twin soul in spirit to perform energy work, chakra clearing, tarot card reading, helping heal karmic wounds and help facilitate the relationship with your own twin soul. Readings are available through Etsy, or can be done privately on video chat.

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