NEW Channeled Spiritual Products – Spiritual Channeled Bracelets, Sacred Shielding Oils, Meditative Bath Orbs © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

Hello Dear Readers 🙂

I have been very busy behind the scenes in hyperdrive creative mode since weeks and especially since the whole quarantine situation that was implemented on the planet. I’ve had a lot of time without the busyness of how life used to be prior to this whole coronavirus situation to become as spiritually clear as I have ever been in my entire life. I have had a very very clear communication with many Archangels during this time as well as I am shifting into my true position as a spiritual nurse. A lot of energy work has been happening, and as ideas are being channeled to me from the archangels different products have been posted on to my Etsy shop as I have been creating them, all of them available for purchase through there.

Secret Recipe Bathing Orbs – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

It is very important to the archangels for you all to have direct communication with them and to start to initiate communication directly from them to you, without the use of a middle man or a guided meditation. They love helping us and they are following their sacred role when they are actively doing what they do best, playing an active helping hand in our lives and our soul missions. They would never break free will of course, and even if consciously you give them permission to help and to use their skills to cleanse us of certain things or to show us the truth of situations or to give us a more harmonious loving relationship with others, if you do not truly give them permission on a soul level, they cannot do what you are asking them to do. Please keep this in mind when meditating or communicating with the archangels.

One of the main things the archangels want us to understand is that we do not need to have a middle man to reach them directly. When you use my spiritual products that I have created while being guided from spirit by them to aid you in reaching them directly it will make it much easier to reach them.

Bathing and bath time in general is a sacred time. Water itself carries within it a strong energy to quite literally wash away things from our aura and our chakras if you give it permission to. Before I started on this journey as my true role as a spiritual nurse and started having product ideas being channeled to me from the angels, whenever I had a trying day at work or had a challenging day in general I would always take a bath with salt to cleanse my aura. It was very much a spiritual cleansing and I would focus with my twin soul Samuel who is in spirit to use the energy and powers of the water to accomplish my goals with our energy that I had for taking the bath. I have always been in a way a spiritual alchemist when it comes to energy issues and shielding myself from negative energy when I think about it 🙂

These ground-breaking archangel bath bombs, made with a secret sacred recipe will allow you when used with the energy and power that the water of the bath carries to bring the archangels close to you to work within your chakras and your energy. Each bath bomb has individual oils that each angel resonates closest with and there are two different versions of each bathing orb, a more economic version and a more expensive version. Inside of each bathing orb is a sacred meditative stone that each of the archangels has the closest resonance with, each has of course a different one depending on the archangel you are trying to channel while meditating. The type of stone that is inside of it depends on if you purchase the economic version or the more expensive luxury version. Each version of course whether it is the economic or the luxury version are equally effective. It is just a matter of if you want a higher quality meditative stone for your energy goals or not. Currently there is only Archangel Michael Bathing Orb available on the shop, which I will put a link to below, but I am currently working to get the rest of them up and available for purchase for each of the Archangels.

Direct Link To Purchase Archangel Michael Meditative Bathing Orb – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

Childhood Sexual Abuse Awareness and Support Bracelets – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

I have been very public in the recent years of my past struggles with childhood sexual abuse that I suffered as a child. I have a very clear vision of starting my own non profit organization that is geared solely to those that are survivors of childhood sexual abuse and this is not only about women here, my goal is to reach women and men alike, who have the same soul wounds that I have suffered. And the goal is to get them in touch with their inner child again, so they can begin to heal at the root of where this started and get back into oneness with themselves. So, I started designing charm bracelets that I have for sale currently in my Etsy shop, that is available for purchase. The proceeds of each bracelet will go into my fund to start my non profit and get it off the ground. One out of every four women were victims of childhood sexual abuse which is reflected in the color design of the bracelet, with one different color bead and three colored beads directly after that is different from the rest of the color of the bracelet that is next to the charm with an inspirational quote on it.

© Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020 – All Rights Reserved
© Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020 – All Rights Reserved
© Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020 – All Rights Reserved

Channeled Archangel Bracelets With Personal Channeled Messages – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

Like I said above, direct communication between us and the archangels is a main focus that they want us all to focus on now. In the recent days product ideas were being channeled to me so quick, I made 16 bracelets in 6 hours that was for each of the archangels. It has their individual colors of the specific light ray they are in charge of, but also when you purchase these bracelets, there will be a channeled personal message from the archangel to you directly. This is something never been done before and some real channel work 🙂

© Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020 – All Rights Reserved
© Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020 – All Rights Reserved

White Sage Shielding Oil – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

Finally, there is an essential oil that is made by me in a secret method that increases the effectiveness of the oil itself when worn. Most people use white sage to smudge their house, smudge their aura, their car, their pets etc. This revolutionary new oil made with old ancient knowledge of alchemy is something you can wear at all times that can keep you shielded and protected from negative energy and psychic attacks. It is best used on your pressure points and your chakra centers. They are currently available in 2ml vials but will soon be available in larger sizes.

© Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020 – All Rights Reserved

All of these things are available for purchase through my Etsy shop at

I am wishing you all MAJOR love and light and please stay tuned for future product developments 🙂

~Danielle Nova

Published by daniellenova

Danielle Nova is a psychic/medium and activated twin soul. She is assisted by her twin soul in spirit to perform energy work, chakra clearing, tarot card reading, helping heal karmic wounds and help facilitate the relationship with your own twin soul. Readings are available through Etsy, or can be done privately on video chat.

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