The Energetic Situation In the US – The Exorcism Of The Roman System In The Wake Of George Floyd’s Death

Hello Dear Readers.

This will be a very quick and short article, I just wanted to document this while I am in this energy.

The whole world rattled when the horrible incident happened with George Floyd, but the USA has been heading towards this situation for a long time, to have something be a catalyst for REAL change. It disgusts me and breaks my heart that this poor man was slain the way he was, it is nothing short of barbaric. And, I’ve got news for you folks, the supposed “collapsed Roman Empire”, I hope you all will begin to see now is alive and well and has been around this entire time, controlling things, manipulating the masses and causing all of this spiritual genocide and destruction against countless innocent souls. As being not only an American myself, but an Italian white American, and witnessing first hand the constant manipulation, stealing, plagiarizing, disregarding of black lives, racism, unjust targeting, it was only a matter of time unfortunately, when things would eventually boil over in order to see some real change. People are really starting to see and realize now, what has been behind the scenes this whole time pulling the strings.

Earlier today I was sitting in my chair in a relaxed position, scrolling through my Twitter feed when suddenly, I felt a VERY sharp pain on my back on right side next to my shoulder blade. It literally jolted me, it was very strong.

I was startled by it, mainly because of the sharpness of it, but that only lasted a second and then the same spot started to tingle a lot. As if my energetic flow was restored in that area or so. A couple minutes later I was talking about it with a friend, told her about what I felt and she sent me these screen shots of a YouTube video she was watching.

These are the screen shots she sent me. You see this? On a GEORGE FLOYD video, of his family talking publicly, and under a clearly fake account called “Roman”, they spammed the video with “USA TODAY” comments.

Then, after the fact as we were talking she told me that while she was watching the video that everyone in the family were raising their right arm, as a sign of protest and it is also a sign of victory as well, the spirit and voice of the black people rising….. so she was doing it along with them, and made this quick move focusing on the energy that we have been exposing, and as soon as she made that move I felt that stabbing sharp pain behind my shoulder blade, as it was easy to figure out because literally 30 seconds after she did that move I was texting her telling her about what I had felt. It almost felt as if something was ripped away from me, similar to the feeling when a splinter is ripped out only in a much bigger scale.

As we were talking while I was still feeling the tingling in that exact location on my back where I felt the stabbing pain, my whole right arm felt like the muscle was contracted, like I was lifting something or so but my arm was just resting on the arm of the chair. It started at the top of my arm and then after a couple of minutes my whole arm felt that way. Tensed up like I was holding something. It lasted about fifteen minutes and then the muscle finally started to relax again.

That is all for today my dear readers.

Sending out a MAJOR pink light ray 🌹💝🌹💝🌹

~Danielle Nova

Published by daniellenova

Danielle Nova is a psychic/medium and activated twin soul. She is assisted by her twin soul in spirit to perform energy work, chakra clearing, tarot card reading, helping heal karmic wounds and help facilitate the relationship with your own twin soul. Readings are available through Etsy, or can be done privately on video chat.

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