To All My Fellow American Nurses – About The Future Of American Medicine – © The Rose Flame Nurse and Archangel Sam

Hello Dear Readers.

I have been thinking a lot about the nursing field these past couple of days, maybe because I have been getting everything ready for my classes to start in a week that will open the door for me to a new career, maybe because I started my new job that I will work until I graduate that has zero to do with nursing, or maybe I am just picking up on a very much needed change in the energy of the discussion of a field I am the most closely connected to. This isn’t just a career or a title for me, this is very very personal.

We aren’t just talking about an Earthly school degree, or a title after my name that tells the world that I am a healer. This is my SPIRITUAL SEAT, as the Rose Flame Nurse, and I am here ultimately in this lifetime, incarnated as an ITALIAN AMERICAN nurse from New York, the major wasps nest of the fuckery, to bring truth to the field and to bring about major changes. This is ultimately what God wants, to bring TRUE healing to people, not just the fake on the surface Romanized American Medical “sick-care” system that people have grown to know and accept as “healing”.

Believe it or not, even if you personally do not have the same values and belief systems as the American nursing field, you being a part of that field, working within the confines of a system that views human souls the way the American medical field does, you are advocating for it. This is a moral code that no matter what sacrifices I have to make, I will abide by, especially being who I am spiritually and the healing power the Rose Flame holds. I could not ever return to nursing again the way it is now. There must be a major shift in the priorities of the way the care is provided to people.

This is such a super evil manipulation, and imbedded into so many people’s psyche from thousands of years of deception from the Romans, that they even integrated into the language of the medical field their own Roman language so even when you are discussing a care plan for a patient you are unknowingly bringing evil energy into these people’s healing. It is so sick, it makes me so angry that it went this far. And within the next five to ten years it will be stopped at a screeching halt.

I want you all to stay fully aware, I know it is difficult, especially because of the Roman Deception being literally embedded into people’s psyche. And it will feel for you when you are on the right track, it will feel wrong and will make you want to continue the way you have been, but please know, this is the fingerprints of the Roman deception trying to keep you uninformed and unaware and IN LINE with their control and manipulation. It feels like you are doing the incorrect thing when in reality you are doing the 100% correct thing. They do not want people, mainly the ones at the front lines, the nurses and the doctors and the medical professionals, to stand up and advocate for the patient’s best interests. And most of the people in those positions would never be a part of the field if they truly knew and understood what is going on behind the scenes and hidden from view.

Please do not misunderstand me, in my career I have seen so many amazingly talented and compassionate nurses, who do nothing but advocate for their patients. I have also seen just as many not so compassionate, the ones that I would make sure if I ever landed in a hospital got NOWHERE near me because I have seen personally the way the feel about their patients. But what I am saying is, this is going to take a whole lot more than just opening your mouth to advocate for them. That is not enough at this point, to fix and heal the medical world. Everything is about money and profit, everything is about “how much the facility can bill the insurance”, and how many beds they can turn within the day. The more beds they turn the more profit they make. NOWHERE in these business plans of these facilities when you read between the lines and look at the spiritual energy behind them, with your spiritual eye focused on the truth, does it have anything to do with people’s health and well being at all.

The fast food industry, the Pharma industry and the medical field are ALL WORKING TOGETHER AGAINST US, Americans were tricked since the beginning of the “USA”, named after a guy that literally looks like a troll living under a bridge, look up “Amerigo Vespucci”, and you will see clearly what I mean. I am not putting his photo in this article because I do not want his energy and ugly face to be attached to this very special article, this article is about HEALING the consciousness. But if you want a laugh, look up this guy LOL

The Roman cash cow of people’s spiritual, psychological and physical health is coming to a rapid end, on God’s orders, within the next 5 to 10 years.

I am writing this mainly, dear readers, so you all can stay aware of what is to come. I am not trying to threaten, or intimidate, I am trying to do the exact opposite. Inform and release. This is all Sam and I want.

We are the holders of the Pink Light Ray and it is time the awareness of the Rose Flame energy is brought back to people’s consciousness. And we cannot and will not stand around any longer and watch the Roman shit storm take over people’s healing any longer. And most importantly, neither will God.

We are sending out a major Rose Light Ray.

~Danielle Nova and Sam (In Spirit)

Published by daniellenova

Danielle Nova is a psychic/medium and activated twin soul. She is assisted by her twin soul in spirit to perform energy work, chakra clearing, tarot card reading, helping heal karmic wounds and help facilitate the relationship with your own twin soul. Readings are available through Etsy, or can be done privately on video chat.

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