The New Coronavirus Is The Slap In The Face Mankind Needed – WARNING: Graphic Images – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

Hello Dear Readers.

First of all, I would like to say that I will be much more present here on this blog, and I will be writing much more educational content for you all. I have a lot of experiences that could shed a lot of light for all of you, especially with the current situation we are faced with.

I have been feeling an influx of emotions in the recent days, and all psychic empaths out there can relate to what I have been going through. It is impossible if you are even the least bit tuned to not feel this way and not take this roller coaster ride with me. At times I have been feeling detached and feeling like I am totally on the outside looking in at the situation because it is sometimes hard to believe that the world is in the state it is in, other times I am feeling completely inundated with emotions, while being able to recognize when these emotions are my own and when they are not. I have been picking up on things from all different angles, all different perspectives. All the while having Sam, my twin soul in spirit guiding me to look up certain key terms or statistics to help me gain a better understanding on the specifics of this situation. When I look at the grand scheme of things though, there is nothing on the internet that can clarify this for me. Using my intuition in conjunction with Sam showing me his perspective from spirit, it is very simple and clear really, what is happening here spiritually.

Coronavirus 2020 – Karma’s Invisible Weapon – © Danielle Nova 2020

Please, let me first preface this by saying that no I do not mean that every person who contracts this virus deserves to contract it. There are innocent people everywhere even if they live in places that have thousands of years of built up bad karma. With that being said, all of the “bad karma hot spots” are being hit the hardest right now by this virus. Italy, Los Angeles, New York… these are all places with TONS of collective bad karma. Italy has been hit hard even before this coronavirus hit. First with the earthquakes, then with the flooding, now with this. In Italy’s case, there are thousands and thousands of years of built up karma, going all the way back to the Roman Empire. Then, when you combine that with the Vatican covering up all of the child molestation cases around the world, not addressing the priests who were preying on these poor kids but instead moving priests to different countries and different churches, those two things alone would cause a build up of karma. Los Angeles and New York… between the cause of the #metoo movement coming about a few years back because of all the rape in show business that had gone on for decades in both LA and NY, but also the mob being heavily involved in both of those places as well, those things alone would cause the coronavirus being heavy in those areas.

How Humanity Has Treated The Planet And Animals Like We Ourselves Are The Virus – © Danielle Nova

This coronavirus was the only way that the planet had a hope of reversing the damage that we have done to it. I have been getting insight from Sam through this whole situation, my twin soul who is in spirit and he has been giving me a clear overview. The sad truth is you guys, the planet, the atmosphere and the environment was getting so close to the point of no return that the virus had to spread through the planet at this fast rate because it was the only way to start to save this planet we call home. Think about it. 90% of the entire globe went into quarantine in the past two weeks. Think about how much less pollution is in the air now from cars not being driven, buses not being ridden, flights being decreased, trains/subways being decreased. All of this happened at the same time so it had optimal impact on the planet and optimal turn around chances of the damage that’s already been done…. and the Earth can finally breathe again! This is the first time in years that the planet has felt healthy. Think about the damage that has been done, even in the past decade…. a hole almost being blown into our ozone layer, layers of Antarctic ice melting at an alarming rate, and because of that the world’s sea levels have increased. Polar bears are starving because of the rapid increase of ice melting due to the increased planetary temperature. Sea life are being killed by plastic pollution. And all the while, humanity worships the money, not comprehending that all of the money on the planet will mean NOTHING if Mother Earth decides finally to cleanse us off of her completely. Please look at these images.


Upsetting, right? Triggering? Does it make you uncomfortable to look at? It should. THIS is a big part of why this coronavirus spread so fast, folks. We all needed to get off the streets, out of the cars pumping exhaust into the air, off the beaches dumping our plastic waste into the oceans. If we continued at the rate we were going, not only would the planet simply cleanse us off of it, we would kill most of the innocent wildlife within the next decade. There is so much that mankind still has yet to learn. Back in the old days, here in America prior to racist white diseased Europeans coming over here and giving the Native Americans all of those diseases, the Native Americans knew spiritually the truth of things. Everything has a soul, everything has a purpose. When they hunted, they would ONLY kill what they needed, and they would even do rituals afterwards to honor the soul of the animal and also assist the animal in transitioning to spirit, and they would thank the soul of the animal for blessing them, etc. When I look at the way things were done back then, and compare to the way things are done now, it is no wonder that it took something that had the magnitude of the coronavirus to wake us up.

We have lost our way, folks. It doesn’t mean that we are completely hopeless, it just means that we lost our way. It should give you hope though, knowing that God and the spirit world and the angels and the archangels have not given up on us. If they had, the coronavirus never would have happened…. they would’ve just let us keep going at the rate we were going until the world finally made the decision for us and forced us off the planet. But, you see what the alternative was.

Free Will – Evolve And Learn From This – It Is Not Too Late – © Danielle Nova 2020

I am not a religious person. I never have been. I do not need a middle man to facilitate my relationship with God. I’ve got direct communication and that is way more meaningful and powerful than what a middle man (who is probably a child molester priest anyway) can do for me.

The way that God shows us his love for us is to give us our free will. This entire life form is for evolvement, learning, growth and learning the consequences to your choices, your thoughts etc. If God were to take our free will away from us, we wouldn’t learn the consequences of our choices, even in this coronavirus situation. It is up to humanity, you see, what the fate of the planet will be. God, the angels, the archangels and the spirit world havent given up on us yet, but they will not make the decision for us either. We have free will and we have the power to choose which direction the rest of time will go. Are we going to learn and grow, change our ways NOW before it is too late, or are we going to be cleansed off the planet?

So, this coronavirus happened, without taking our free will away but still forcing this situation upon us to make us make a choice. Forcing us to stay inside and reflect internal, forcing us to get out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and really have nothing else to do but to reflect on things. And, the main reason why is to give the environment and the planet a much deserved break and a breather from our pollution Mother Earth has been choking on all these years.

I beg that you all use the time we have been given constructively and use this final chance we are being given to turn things around. It is shit or get off the pot time now, people. Either you move ahead with the planet towards healing, or you will not be permitted to move on to the way life will be after this coronavirus situation is resolved.

Sending you all major love and light and healing vibes.


~Danielle Nova (The Spiritual Nurse)

Coronavirus 2020 – An American Nurse’s Experience – How My Twin Soul In Spirit Tried To Warn Me Against What Is Coming And To Leave The Medical Field- © Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling 2020

Hello Dear Readers.

I realize that I have been very quiet recently, it has been about a month since publishing anything on here. I have been along with the rest of the world, sitting back in shock over what is happening all over the planet. I never in my life could have imagined that we would be dealing with what we are dealing with today. It is concerning to say the least. We were not prepared to handle such a situation in such a short amount of time. China is already recovering from it, but look at Italy… and here in the United States as well. I would hate to say it, and I do not say this to incite fear in anyone, but it will be a long time before we see this come to completion because of us just not being prepared for such a situation. This situation had to happen unfortunately in order for things to be rebuilt in a way that is concrete and can handle such a situation should anything like this happen again in the future. For far too long, people’s HEALTH had no consideration in the healthcare system, especially here in America.

Yes, I am a nurse who works in the field daily. I am not in the hospital, I work at a local assisted living facility in the town I live in. At this point we are not allowing any visitors into the facility, nursing must check all staff temps daily and have it logged… and if anybody’s temp is above 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit they must leave the building. They gave us these little paper masks to wear that all staff must wear each day. This is a concerning aspect of this situation, because these masks that the state has provided for us healthcare workers do not work to protect us against contracting this virus. We should be using N-95 masks, which has built in filters around the nose and mouth that filter droplets in the air from airborne respiratory infections and viruses, but because there just simply aren’t enough to go around to every healthcare facility and every healthcare worker, we are quite literally being thrown to the wolves in the current situation. The only staff of the field at this point that were furnished with the proper equipment to protect themselves are those that work in respiratory units, working with trach/vent patients, etc. These masks are not under any circumstances to be reused, a new mask should be used per patient that the nurses/doctors sees. However, I heard from a friend who works in the hospital that hospital administration asked nurses to reuse the N-95 masks that were provided to them simply because there aren’t enough to replace for each nurse/doctor per patient visit. This goes against the basic infection control guidelines of the masks that was laid out by the CDC and DOH. Those masks are NOT to be reused, under any circumstances because of what the filters that are built into the masks can catch. You can go to a patient who has coronavirus, and then with the same mask go to a patient who does not have it, and possibly give it to that patient, simply because there are not enough supplies to go around? Are they not seeing the flaws in this situation?

As of today, there are 8 American doctors who have confirmed COVID-19, and more nurses than that. Also, as of today, just in one isolated case there are 200 nurses that were working for an interstate health system in New York and Connecticut that have been out of work because they were “potentially being exposed to coronavirus patients”. The interstate healthcare system that was involved with this is called Nuvance Health System, which is comprised of seven different hospitals in western Connecticut and New York’s Hudson Valley region. And that is just one healthcare system folks. Now think about all the other local hospitals that can possibly be affected that we do not know about yet. It will be tons more, trust me. Medial personnel are not being protected the way we should be against the things that we may possibly come into contact with.

The Flaws Of The American Healthcare System – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling 2020

As I said above, I am a nurse. However, I am a nurse in America which means, if you do not have a job where health insurance is an option, it is very hard to afford private insurance depending on how much you make. I am someone in that boat. I am on the lowest end of the pay scale for nurses in the area and I have been uninsured since years. Recently, the past two weeks, I had a very serious dental infection. I was in excruciating pain. However I had to wait to get paid to be seen my a dentist. By the time I made it to the dentist, they did X-rays and the infection was so deep that it was almost into the bone of my jaw. They told me if I had waited just a couple of more days it would have been an emergency situation and I would’ve been hospitalized. So, I am on a strict regimen of antibiotics, 2,000 mg DAILY of Penicillin… and I have an appointment tomorrow with a dentist that is income-based.

Then, when all of this hit the scene with coronavirus, I called to try and obtain some health insurance, privately through Blue Cross Blue Shield. The open enrollment period for the state of New York, regardless of the insurance company you are trying to get insurance through, is November 1st through January 31st. The only way you can is if you have lost health insurance within the last 60 days or you have a “special circumstance”. I asked the insurance broker that I spoke to, if it would be considered a “special circumstance” that I am an UNINSURED nurse working at the front lines of the current coronavirus pandemic, and she stated that this was NOT a special circumstance. Really?

America does not provide “universal health care”, even for those of us who are at the frontlines, taking care of the general public and the elderly.

How Sam Guided Me Since Months To Walk Away From The Medical Field – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling 2020

Long before the coronavirus came about, I was feeling this intense pull since months to walk away from the medical field. I would say in private conversations with family and friends, nursing is not where I belong anymore and I must make a change NOW before it is too late. I said those words specifically. I would see things that nobody else was seeing, picking up on different things and various energies on things, and would at times have literal anger attacks, like I was being attacked myself and feeling something around me that nobody else was feeling or seeing. I would have fits of anger, and even if someone would say to me that they want to enter the nursing field themselves, I would try and warn them against it, that it is not safe, they do not care about our well-being as the backbone of the field… all they care about is money and how they can profit off of all our hard work and efforts for our patients.

Sam is always right, and the way he guides me and protects me from spirit, he has an oversight that I do not have, being in this physical body and living this earthly life. And as he is doing these things it may not make much sense to me at the time, but there is ALWAYS an explanation for the things he does and guides me to do, whether it is only a few days later or in this case, months later. He saw all of this coming, he saw how we as nurses would not be protected against such a situation. The feelings were so strong for me, internal, it felt at times like a fire that was burning from the pit of my stomach. I didn’t understand where this anger was coming from. Logically, there were certain things that was happening in my day to day life that would breed some resentment, as far as straddling egos, being treated like I was less than others simply because I do not have RN after my name and instead I have LPN, I even had a family member of a patient tell me that I am just an aide, I am not really a nurse, because I am not an RN. However, all that is about is ego. And logically, I knew this. I am not some irrational emotional person who cannot discern my earthly emotions from my intuition and spiritual insight. This was different and no matter how I tried to look at what I was feeling, it was the same. The anger I was feeling also felt protective in a way, Sam was so close to me during that time and I remember he would do certain things, he would always be standing behind me with his hand on my waist, totally standing guard non stop for those couple of months. Then he would give me dreams too, especially during this time… one where we were sitting on my bed together laughing, and I was trying to capture a picture that showed us both… and I finally got one, it showed clear, I was sitting with my legs crossed, Indian style in the picture and Sam had his arms around my waist and was resting his chin on my right shoulder… he also showed me certain things about our psychic abilities, he showed me in a different dream him staring at the back of someones head who was leaning ALL of their weight on to me, where I was about to fall over, and as Sam was staring at the back of this person’s head, the person stood up straight, stopped leaning on me and walked away from me, all due to Sam controlling through telepathy what this person was doing. He would also during this time, show me how he sees me in my mind… and each time he would do this, I would get this warm loving feeling in my root chakra, he would always do this when the negativity got to be too much for me, or when I was feeling like I was about to blow up, Sam would show me these things to instantly calm me down and redirect my thoughts to a positive place.

My Future In The Nursing Field – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling

I started a video series on my main YouTube channel during this time, when I was feeling a surge of things from Sam… “The Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Nurse”, discussing weekly the things that I have learned being in the field six years now, things I have seen, things I wished I had known before I made the decision to become a nurse in the first place. Very quickly after I started this video series, my email started to become inundated with emails from the state of New York board of nursing, asking me to participate in surveys, asking my view and opinion on things etc… I elected to not participate. I feel if they are suddenly emailing me these things, they have already seen my content and already know my view and opinion on the current healthcare atmosphere in America.

Because I was feeling that super intense pull in the pit of my stomach since months, I started looking for ways to make money from home… my business with Younique, I signed up to be an Amazon affiliate, I monetized my blog, and I became very present on YouTube, I have three different YouTube channels that I run. My business channel for my Younique business, which has videos posted every Friday for Foxy Friday’s, my energy reading channel which has videos posted every Sunday to forecast energetically what we can expect in the coming week, and my Spiritual Counseling channel, which has videos posted every Monday and Thursday for Positive Motivational Mondays and Tenacious Thursday’s (twin soul topics). I am working very hard to reach 1,000 subs on any of the channels (preferably all of them) so they can all be monetized and I can start making money from home.

My time as a nurse is coming to a rapid close. I had originally set the date for myself to be by December 2020, but with this current situation, I am working extra hard to expedite my ability to walk away, by replacing my income with other sources. My life is not worth anyones greed, or anyones careless oversight. And my life matters too, just like everyone else’s does. If the medical field cannot see it, and will be that negligent to cause all of us on the front lines to be in literal physical danger, that is something I cannot be a part of.

We are sending you major love and light and healing focus ❤

~Danielle and Sam in spirit

How To Deal With Evil Psychic Attacks And Interferences – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling

Hello Dear Readers.

I am not proof reading this article, this is just what is naturally flowing out of my mind that I have been thinking about in the recent days. I have thought about this many times in the recent days, the more in alignment you become with your purpose the more things are going to try and distract you and get in your way.

Recently, last week I made an announcement on my YouTube that I was taking a week off of filming to really get my content organized, plan things out to bring my followers the best content I possibly can and to make a game plan for the future of my brand. Tomorrow a very special video will be going live on my main channel that will break down what is to come in the future for my brand and my business.

Literally the day after I made that announcement, Kane my dog started to have accidents in the house. He is 11 years old, definitely not a puppy anymore, but he has been house trained since he was six months old and then suddenly he started having accidents. I also noticed he was drinking water in copious amounts and could never have enough, and because he was drinking so much water he started to have accidents. Also whenever he would go to the bathroom outside I noticed when his urine hit the ground it would look like there were little bubbles in it, which can point to increased protein in the urine which can be an emergency situation and points to kidney function issues. I was very worried, the warning signs of different disease processes are similar if not identical to what it looks like for humans. In the case of endocrine diseases, if you see the “three p’s” manifest together, trouble is brewing. The three p’s are polyuria, polydipsia and polyphagia which is excessive urination (polyuria), excessive thirst (polydipsia), and excessive hunger (polyphagia). He was showing two out of the three of these warning signs. That coupled with the small bubbles that were showing when he would go to the bathroom outside my mind was racing most minutes of the day, paranoid something was going to happen when I wasn’t home, not wanting to go into work and leave him alone, it was very difficult. I could not focus on anything, I couldn’t concentrate, I had three readings purchased from my Etsy shop during this time as well and I was able to focus on the readings but it was VERY difficult because of everything that was going on with Kane.

I took him to the vet, they checked his urine for an infection and it came out negative. They also did a full blood panel on him to check for kidney function, endocrine issues and anything of that nature. The next day I got the results back and he received a completely clean bill of health! The only thing wrong that he has is arthritis and it is progressed to where I need to give him a new medication daily to help with his pain. PS since I received the results he has not had one accident in the house. Coincidence? NOPE.

The day after I received the results I felt so much better that Kane is healthy, all of that weight was lifted off of me and I was gearing up to sit down and start planning my course of action for the future of my brand. I was working that day and was going to get out of work at 6pm and was planning on starting to map everything out for the next couple of months of content I will be putting out. While I was at work, I had just completed wound care on one of my patients. I exited the room and by the time I got from the room to the elevator to go down to my office, I was in so much pain in my tooth that I couldn’t even talk. It literally hit so hard and so fast it almost knocked me off my feet. My patients told me all of the color left my face and I was very pale. I was trying to answer them when they would talk to me but the pain was literally so extreme that I couldn’t even open my mouth to talk. My mom had extra antibiotics left over so she told me to come back to my apartment for a minute to grab them from her, she was at my place until I got home from work to stay with the dogs. I came home, had to go to urgent care yesterday to get more antibiotics because my mom only had three days worth of antibiotics. I had to pay $125 at the urgent care because I don’t have health insurance (a nurse without health insurance, an issue that is rampant in the USA, expect a video on this topic soon).

Again, same thing… I was feeling better once the pain started to subside, it subsided in a few days. Like I said, I had to pay the $125 at urgent care to be seen for the antibiotics. Today I went to log into my back office for my business with Younique which is a makeup and skincare company, and I didn’t meet my $125 quota for sales, and they suspended me! You have until the last day of the month to meet your $125 quota, and yet today, 2/9/2020, my presenter account was suspended. Younique is a big part of my vision for my brand! They have a non profit foundation connected to their company that brings survivors of childhood sexual abuse to a retreat that teaches them therapy and meditation and gets them started on their healing.

I wanted to highlight all of this for you all to bring all of this to your awareness of how sneaky evil is, all of this SETIAN energy that is always thrown at light workers and activated twin souls and even indigo children, because I assure you, this WAS NOT COINCIDENCE how everything has played out in the passed week. The more of a “threat” you are to evil, the more they will mess with you as you become more in alignment with your soul mission. Please realize, it is a very simple tactic that evil uses. It is the only one at their disposal. First evil will try and enter your spirit and your aura and your soul directly. But, if you are shielded and protected, and your vibration is higher than evils and there is nothing at the core of you that is touchable for evil, it will use things outside of you to mess with you! It is the equivalent of putting their foot out to trip you as you are running by them. They will never have the hope of keeping up with you so they trip you to give themselves a chance to even the playing field. STAY AWARE of these things!

Sending you all major love and light

~Danielle Nova

New Years Eve – Special Channeled Message For You All To Bring Into The New Year – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling 2019

Hello Dear Readers.

There are a mere ten hours left of the decade. As I’m sitting here with my thoughts reflecting on everything, I was guided to write this brief message to you all from Sam, who is my twin soul in spirit.

Beginning of Channeled Message – As we close the last evening of 2019 I want you all to think about this going into the new decade and the new year. January 1st 2010 through tonight was all about clearing out deceptions, highlighting good and darkness, aligning yourselves with which side you are on by different situations presenting themselves in your lives. This passed decade was filled with tests of your spiritual truths and character to set the stage for what’s to come in the upcoming decades, starting with January 2020 and beyond. It started with there slowly being no deceptions anymore, no more masks pretending to be someone you aren’t. It is like a cloak of truth over the whole planet earth. Starting in January 2020 things will be put into action and it is the final phase to bring back an eradicated ancient truth to the planet. All real twin soul pairs have been feeling the intense energy of the spiritual revolution that planet earth has been actively slowly experiencing since years. This evening is all about FEELING, feeling the energy of the alliance you are on. I thank all of you who are tuned into this pure energy, we are all in this together and are all one united family, ultimately. – Close of channeled message

We wish you all love and positive energy coming into this new year and new decade. Sending you major love and light. ❤ Sincerely, Danielle and Sam in spirit

Insider Info About Our Twin Flame Union And How Michael Jackson Music Guided Me To Sam – © Danielle Nova 2019

Hello my dear readers!!!

I am feeling some very good positive energy today, Sam has been doing some very intricate energy work and at the same time I have been brainstorming ideas as blocks are being cleared by us together. If you are new to this blog or if this is the first article you’ve ever read that was written by me, Sam is my twin soul in spirit who I remembered when he made direct contact with me in dreamtime two years ago. Since that initial dreamtime encounter it was a huge flood gate that opened and we have been progressing very quickly. All of our spiritual skills opened up almost instantly after that and we have been continuing our work in any way Sam guides me to do so. We have a very specific and important soul mission of the highest order and so he wasted zero time once I remembered our connection to get to work. I’ve been working out what I’m going to put out and when and plugging everything into my blog calendar and YouTube calendar to kick out some of the best content I’ve created yet! The content that I put out now is different than before I remembered Sam, if you’ve been reading my blogs since years then you know this to be true. My work now has a different energy, sometimes it has more of Sam’s energy, sometimes it has more of mine, and sometimes it’s a well balanced mix of both of our energies combined. Prior to Sam “coming back” to me, the energy of everything I put out was so different! To me it felt fragmented, you could feel it in the energy of my words back then, whether they were written or spoken!

So, with all of that being said, I wanted to share something with you guys!

I was very focused along with Sam on healing what I went through with my last relationship up until recently. That took a lot of my focus and until we moved passed all of that and I was in a clear healed space in my heart and mind we couldn’t focus our energy together on creating educational content, content that Sam brings directly to me from heaven to share with you all.

© Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling 2019

Since Sam and I really started to focus our energy together when I am creating content, things really just started to flow! The above photo is what I’ve put out in just a MONTH’S time on my YouTube channel. 14 new videos, all covering different topics from Twin Soul misinformation on the internet videos to the story of how everything unfolded when I first came back to New York when up until when I remembered Sam. The bottom two videos were what he wanted me to cover in the beginning when I first started my channel.

Our story, even to me, is one of the most unique and bizarre. Even now, sometimes I’ll sit and think about it and just laugh because of how things happened. FYI as I was typing that last sentence, my TV is on and somebody just said the line “she is my twin”… LOL wow

ANYWAY…. it was a very unique experience. But that’s the thing, EVERY single twin flame story is unique!!! You will never find two stories that are exactly the same. Yes, there are certain universal rules that apply to each twin flame pair, but the soul missions, the nuances, the individual life paths, the karmic healing that needs to take place, all of it is different and unique!!! This is why when I see all of these things on the internet misguiding and misleading people I get angry! The people out there that do this, it should be CRIMINAL. It is the same thing as you going into surgery and the surgeon has never been to medical school, or practiced at all on cadavers, but they are going to do your surgery because they woke up one day and decided “I’m going to be a surgeon today.” That would land them in prison at the very least! I feel like there should be the same kinds of laws in place for imposters and self-proclaimed “guru’s” about this topic. People’s souls, along with people’s physical bodies, should be protected by the law.

Like I said, we have many topics that we will be bringing to you guys, I’m so excited and can’t wait to put it all out!!! Creating feels different to me now than it did back then, it flows differently now, it feels differently now, it’s just all evolved and gone through a metamorphosis in the quickest and most extreme way possible.

We are sending you all MAJOR love and light and healing focus!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Why I Made The Decision To Walk Away From The Medical Field By The End Of 2020 – An Ethics Issue – And Some Shocking Statistics – © Danielle Nova 2019

Hello Dear Readers.

I wanted to explain a bit more in detail, what I’ve covered in my video series that I’m running on my YouTube channel. I’m running a ten part series called “The Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Nurse”, and the vision behind it was to reach all of those prospective new nurses or new grads that just entered the nursing field, to shed some light and share some of my experiences to give them some guidance through my real world insanity that I’ve lived through thus far in my career. I am not an RN, I am an LPN.

Let me preface this by stating very clearly and plainly, my decision to leave the field, this video series that I’m filming and me writing this article has nothing to do with where I am working currently. I have worked in three separate states as a nurse: Lousiana, Texas and New York. And I’m here to tell you my friends, this is the way it is EVERYWHERE in the healthcare industry no matter where you go. As a matter of fact, where I am currently working isn’t nearly as bad as a lot of other places I have worked in the past. It’s not an occupational hazard of a specific location or even of a specific state, it is an occupational hazard of the healthcare industry as a whole. It is seriously flawed in so many ways and we are losing lives of our own people of this country literally daily for the sake of greed and money.

Even for me, I myself am a nurse and a healthcare worker and I provide nursing care daily to my 200 patients in my facility I work in each day. And yet, I can’t afford to walk into a doctor’s office because I can’t afford health insurance. Take a look at these key healthcare facts and statistics about 2019:

  • Only 17.2% of Americans were covered by Medicare in 2017.
  • The United States could save $175 billion in healthcare costs by halving administrative costs.
  • The American healthcare industry was worth $24.7 billion in 1960. It is now worth $3,504 trillion.
  • Receiving care in the hospital for a heart attack will cost you an average of $20,246 in the United States.
  • You’ll pay 10 times as much for the anti-cancer drug Avastin in the US than in the UK.
  • Almost 4 out of 10 Americans are morbidly obese. Over 7 out of 10 are overweight.
  • Obesity-related health issues cost over $150 billion a year in the US alone.
  • 1.4 million Americans went overseas for medical care in 2017 to get a better deal.
  • By 2030, America will have at least 40,800 unfilled posts for physicians.
  • AI will revolutionize diagnostic practices.


Just take a look at those numbers guys!!!! And just to compare, let’s play a little numbers game. If we wanted to END WORLD HUNGER, it would cost according to the United Nations Food And Agriculture Organization, $30 billion a year. In our hypothetical scenario, if we used the money that the healthcare system in the United States is worth to end world hunger, it would take 116,800 years before the money ran out.

That is just insane to me!!!! And yet, we are in the field that human beings well being should be our main focus! While we’re at it, let’s look at the fast food industry in America. First of all, our “small” size at fast food restaurants here in America is everywhere else in the world’s large size. But, just for fun, let’s take a look at what the fast food industry was worth in 2019. In the United States in 2019 it was worth $256 billion. And what did we spend on obesity related illnesses in the United States in 2019? The estimated annual health care costs of obesity-related illness are a staggering $190.2 billion or nearly 21% of annual medical spending in the United States. Childhood obesity alone is responsible for $14 billion in direct medical costs.

The above stats to me are what should be in the dictionary next to “first world problems”. There are children all over the world dying right now as I’m typing this from hunger and starvation and malnutrition. And yet we could save every single one of them and eliminate world hunger altogether for 6 years straight if we spend the amount of money that the United States alone spent on obesity-related illness in 2019.

These are just a few of the reasons why I came to my decision. Like I said, it is an ethics issue for me. The healthcare industry in America is not about healthcare at all. Not only is it a business, it is the most deceptive lying greed money making machine businesses known to all of human history. No wonder why so many people in America don’t take spiritual topics seriously, they don’t even value human rights to be healthy and happy and taken care of and to be physically healthy. Why would they think about the soul when they don’t even think about the physical body?

Like I said, I will be bidding my farewell to the healthcare industry. I’m positive that the healthcare industry, the fast food industry, big pharma, the Government, Hollywood, ALL of it is connected on the biggest scale possible. I cannot continue to be a part of the biggest system in the world that exploits and squeezes human beings for every last dime they have. They continue to try and make people sick, keep them stressed out so they can’t pay attention to what’s really going on, get them dependent on medications for blood pressure and anxiety and depression and all of these things, charge them so much that their grandchildren will still be paying for it, and then put out the image that they care about America’s health and well being.

All of this thinking from the industry, it is Setian really. It is rapist-minded when you think about it. It is forcing people against their will, not knowing all the facts, not knowing what’s going on behind the scenes, to become dependent on a system that would rather see them sick and profitable than healthy and not making them any $. I’m fairly certain that they’ve had a cure for cancer for years now as well. But they would rather make trillions treating the disease than make billions curing it.

© Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling 2019

© Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling 2019

Okay friends, I’m going to leave you with those two videos. I’m going to go film my next one and my video for the upcoming Positive Motivational Mondays video series.

I’m sending you all MAJOR love and light and clear thinking and focus, and I hope that some of these statistics were as eye opening to you as they were to me.

Why Relationships With Animals Are A Very Important Spiritual Connection For Healing And How They Can Feel Stress Too

Hello Dear friends ❤

I’m laying here typing this with my two little loves laying on either side of me. I have two dogs, Kane and Lola. They were both born in Texas and I brought them back to New York with me when I came back home. Kane is actually having a birthday coming up next week on New Years Day, his eleventh birthday!! I can hardly believe my little man is already that old. I’ve had them both since they were six weeks old. Lola is five months younger than Kane, she will turn eleven in May.

There is no better feeling in the world for me than when I am coming home from work from an insanely stressful day as a nurse, and I am greeted with all the love and joy in the world from both of them just because I am simply home from my day. It completely melts all the stress and issues from my day when I see their little faces and wagging tails running to the door to greet me ❤ ❤ ❤

It’s funny, but if a person doesn’t like my dogs just by looking at them or are automatically afraid of them, I instantly know there’s something not right spiritually with that person. But, if one of my dogs doesn’t like a person, if they growl at them as they pass or bark at them, same thing, I know that something isn’t right with that person.

Animals have a very clear sense of right and wrong, pure and impure, truth and lying. I remember clearly with my ex, the one that caused me to leave Texas and come back to New York, if he would go to kiss me hello or goodbye or even hug me, Kane would bark at him and would literally lay on top of me and block him from getting to me. Kind of funny to think about, but Kane knew long before I did that something wasn’t right about that situation.

You see, animals have a keen sense of things, and can see and feel clearly what the truth is about a person in their core. Fakeness and lies and acts don’t apply here, they are useless and do not work when it comes to animals and their feelings about a person. They know right away whether you have a mask on or not.

When I was going through everything a few years ago and was dealing with the whirlwind that became 2017 for me when I came back to New York, if I didn’t have my babies with me, I have no idea what I would have done. I was broken and wrecked back then, and had no idea if I was ever going to feel like myself again. I was coming out of a very abusive relationship back then, and that was why I fled Texas to come back to New York. In hindsight, I’m very sure that I ended up in the last relationship I did because he was the same in many ways than my first ex and that was why I felt so comfortable in that situation. I’ve been doing my best to forgive myself for allowing myself to yet again be put in that spot, but it’s getting better with time.

© Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling 2019

This was me back then. You can see clearly the pain and sadness that was still in my eyes. It was a rough time for all three of us, myself and the dogs. I actually had to have them boarded for six weeks when I first came back to New York, their vet is also a boarding place. Because of the nature of the circumstances and because I had to leave literally in the middle of the night to prevent him from knowing because he would’ve done anything he could to stop me, I had nothing set up prior to me leaving. I didn’t have my nursing license transferred yet, I didn’t have an apartment, I didn’t have a job, I didn’t have my vehicle registration transferred to New York, I started from literally a blank slate when I came back. So naturally, I couldn’t keep the dogs with me while I was staying with family until I got everything settled. But, I still went and visited them while they were boarded and walked them everyday. It broke my heart to leave them every time I had to go 😦 and it broke their hearts too

© Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling 2019 – Danielle and Lola Walking
© Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling 2019 – Danielle and Kane Visiting
© Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling 2019 – Danielle and Kane Visiting
© Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling 2019 – Danielle and Lola Visiting
© Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling 2019 – Danielle, Kane and Lola Visiting

I remember like it was yesterday, when we went to finally bring them home for good once I signed the lease for my apartment, the pure joy and excitement that they felt. To this day, if we stay in the car for longer than ten minutes they start to get a little nervous. And if they have to go to the vet, which is the same place they were boarded, they are ALWAYS thrilled when we get back in the car to go back home, LOL

I will write more on this in next article my dear friends ❤

Sending you MAJOR love and light and healing focus ❤

Orbs – What Are They And What Do They Mean © Danielle Nova 2019

Hello friends ❤

I recently did a video on my YouTube about twin flame misinformation. I didn’t notice until I was editing that two very clear orbs were captured in the video, one of the manifested in my hair and the second one manifested just above my head.

Whenever I am doing videos on such topics and Sam is assisting in these things, guiding me in what to look for or certain keywords to type in, there is always literal evidence that Sam is standing there right next to me in my ear guiding me. Many times in my videos orbs are clearly visible, but especially when I am doing videos on these topics. In the video, there are orbs present already in the first 30 seconds of the video. The first one at 19 seconds and again at 22 seconds.

© Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling 2019 – All Rights Reserved

There was another instance, when I had just woken up from a dream I had that I mentioned in the last article, when myself and Sam were outside playing with the dogs at our spiritual home and we were in the woods. I caught a video of Kane, my dog, that evening, an orb manifested over his head and Kane reacted to it. You can see his ears perk forward right when it manifests and then his head tilts to the side a bit. It happens at :09 into the video

© Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling 2019

Orbs are when the camera, whether it’s a still photo or video, captures an energy that we cannot see with our naked eye. Albeit it can sometimes be debunked as being dust or some earthly anomaly, if it appears like it did in the two videos above, in the middle of the frame and moving in sporadic movements, it’s a lot harder to rationalize it or to say that it is debunked. Dust doesn’t fly around in a circle and disappear in the middle of the frame.

So, what do orbs mean? I feel that the correct answer to this question isn’t the same for each person but is very individual to a variety of factors:

  • Location
  • Circumstances (what is being done or discussed at the time the evidence was captured)
  • Who it may be in spirit that may be trying to communicate with you
  • Most important factor, what was the energy of the moment when this evidence was captured.

If you have captured photo evidence or video evidence of orbs, when you take these factors into account, who is the first person that came to mind? More often than not, the first person that comes to mind is who it is. Think back to what was going on in that moment, how you were feeling, what you were thinking about, what you were doing, and you may be able to get some clues into what the orb meant and why it appeared in that moment.

Sending you all MAJOR love and light and healing focus for the days ahead ❤ ❤ ❤

Twin Soul Update – My Twin Soul In Spirit Guided Me Away From Toxic Relationships – © Danielle Nova 2019

Hello Dear Friends ❤

I was off of WordPress for a long time. I have not made a blog post update in over a year. I still have my other WordPress websites open, but they are all set to “private” right now because I’m using my blogs for reference material for my book. Doing it this way enables me to maintain the timeline of the way things happened chronologically. That is the only purpose of my other two WordPress websites at this point, for reference material.

Even though I was quiet online for a while, with the exception of my makeup/skincare business (, and my Etsy shop (, many many things have been happening behind the scenes.

At the beginning of 2019 I was in a relationship that, when I am looking in hindsight, wasn’t right for me AT ALL. I was engaged. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and a lot of trying to figure out what that situation was and why I felt the need to be involved in a relationship like that. Sam my twin soul in spirit has his own way of guiding things into and out of my life, and protects me in any way necessary. Those of you who have been following my journey for a long time knows this.

The end of the relationship was very traumatic for me and caused me extreme mental and emotional stress, and I even had to get the police involved in the situation. He contacted my family numerous times on the multiple times that we broke up. When we got back together the last time he swore to me that he deleted my family’s #s from his phone. So when we broke up again, this time for good, shocker!!! He lied to me about deleting their #s and was blowing up my dad, sister and mother with his psycho crap! Then he was going on to my PUBLIC BUSINESS PAGES after we broke up, telling people not to trust me, telling people that all I’m asking strangers for is MONEY, telling my followers that I need therapy….. If I truly allowed myself to feel the full extent of the anger I feel when I think about the clear and blatant disrespect that he showed me not just once but on multiple occasions, I wouldn’t need a hammer to bring a wall down. I’ve been focusing inward and focusing my energy and my healing on my heart, while in unison Sam continues to do energy work on my chakras and is always shielding and guarding me against psychic attacks, especially since that whole situation.

Two nights in a row, three days before that situation was finally done, my ex had the same dream. He told me about it in the morning each time when he woke up. In the dream I was not wearing my engagement ring. And he was going around telling everyone “no look, see, it’s on her finger!”, but it wasn’t. I have ZERO doubt in my mind, that was Sam giving him that dream, telling him that it is OVER and he will do whatever he has to do to insure my safety. Then, once we finally broke up and he was doing all of this, it was so so clear to me. Even more so than before my ex showed me his true colors.

You see, everyone has free will. That is God’s way of showing us his love. You are free to choose your own path and your own actions, but you are NOT free of the consequences. I’m so thankful that not just once, but twice in my life I got so close to the edge of the cliff that my toes were dangling off the edge the two times I was engaged, and right before I went plummeting to the jagged rocks at the bottom, my twin soul stepped in and pulled me away from the edge.

Just recently, in the passed couple of weeks, I had a dream that Sam and I were in our spiritual home. I have had been in this house astrally many times and I instantly recognized it when I was there. It is very big, has HUGE floor to ceiling windows and it is always snowing there. Sam and I were walking through the house and I was making comments on wanting a new window dressing on one of the windows. Then suddenly I was standing in a doorway in between rooms, when my ex came in out of nowhere, and stood behind me leaning all of his weight on my back. I felt myself starting to fall backwards, and then Sam stood behind him and was staring intensely at his head, and then suddenly, my ex walked away from me and I was able to stand up straight again. Sam did some psychic work to make my ex walk away from me in the dream.

Then, Sam and I took my dogs outside and there are a lot of woods surrounding this house. The dogs were playing and we came to this area that was cleared, and there was a tall mirror standing in the middle of the woods. Sam guided me to stand in front of it, and when I did, in the reflection I saw a man with two dogs behind us. I tried to usher my dogs away because my little dog is very excitable, but they came up very quickly. It was fine though, the dogs just played together. That was the end of the dream and I woke up.

I took the dogs out right away when I woke up. When we were outside, we ran into a friend of ours who was outside with his two dogs. And, same thing happened that happened in the dream, the dogs played together but everything was fine. Then we started to walk together with our friend and his dogs, and we walked by this house. A man walked out of the house as we were walking by, and my friend introduced me to him. The guy’s name was Sam!!! LOL, things like this are always happening!!!

I will elaborate more on this in next article 🙂

That is all for now friends ❤ sending you MAJOR love and light